New approaches on Anatolian linguistics
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ISBN: 978-84-9168-937-9
Data d’edició: 2023
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New approaches on Anatolian linguistics
José Virgilio García Trabazo, Ignasi-Xavier Adiego, Mariona Vernet, Bartomeu Obrador-Cursach, Susana Soler (eds.)
This volume brings together the culmination of philological and linguistic work undertaken by a wide range of experts in the Anatolian languages. The research papers published here cover practically the entire linguistic and chronological spectrum of the Anatolian group of Indo-European languages, without neglecting important interactions with languages from other cultural environments, among which the Semitic group stands out. The publication can therefore be regarded as a valuable contribution to Anatolian and Indo-European studies, reflecting the persistant and sustained efforts of a group of researchers with a broad array of interests, some of whom have many years of research behind them and are well known in the field. They have now been joined by new scholars, who enable us to foresee a promising future for our disciplines.
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