Phrygian linguistics and epigraphy: new insights
Matèria: Història
Format: 17 x 24 cm
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ISBN: 978-84-9168-891-4
Data d’edició: 2023
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Phrygian linguistics and epigraphy: new insights
Bartomeu Obrador-Cursach, Ignasi-Xavier Adiego (eds.)
These are good times for research on Phrygian. More scholars than ever are focusing on this language and many novelties (including new inscriptions and innovative interpretations) are emerging relatively frequently. Promoting the diversity of starting point and focuses is a way to improve our knowledge and to achieve a better vision of the Phrygian language and the people who once spoke and wrote it. This book offers a range of approaches to Phrygian-related issues, with contributions from six relevant scholars working on this language (Ignasi-Xavier Adiego, Milena Anfosso, María Paz de Hoz, Anna Elisabeth Hämmig, Bartomeu Obrador-Cursach an Zsolt Simon).
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