Writing Through the Body. Iraqi Responses to the War on Terror
Matèria: Literatura
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Pàgines: 252
ISBN: 978-84-1050-002-0
Data d’edició: 2023
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Writing Through the Body. Iraqi Responses to the War on Terror
Hanan Jasim Khammas

The 2003 Iraq invasion provoked an unprecedented phenomenon in the Iraqi literary scene: fiction exceeds poetry in production, critical reception, and market figures. New narrative genres, concerned with stories of wars and trauma, depict corporality and sexuality in their most material sense. Writing Through the Body argues that interest in the physical indicates a new perception of corporeality and, to show this, it traces a genealogy of the Iraqi body to uncover the complexity of its historical and socio-political discourses. Considering religious, social, and political factors, the body is examined in three semiospheres: Iraqi society and culture before 2003, the discourse of the war on terror as a semiotic interference, and contemporary Iraqi fiction as the result of the encounter between the two. This structure shows how corporeality was interrupted by and instrumentalised in war propaganda, and how new representations in fiction respond to the two spheres in conflict.

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