Summer 2011
Number 7

Table of contents

Forthcoming papers

«La linguistique du XIXe entre description et norme : Le Patois Boulonnais de Daniel Haigneré» [Arnaud Fournet]

«Early trends in a newly developing variety of English» [David Bowie, University of Alaska Anchorage]

«L’évolution des régionalismes des descriptions physiques et mentales dans le briançonnais: passé, présent et questions sur le futur» [Anne Violin-Wigent, Michigan State University]

«La situation linguistique dans l’Etat de Goa en Inde. Réminiscences d’un passé colonial» [C. Cusimano, Université Masaryk de Brno]

Modeling phonetic variation in pluricentric languages: An integrative approach» [Simone Ashby et al., Instituto de Linguística Teórica e Computational (ILTEC), Lisbon, Portugal]

«Non-linguists’ judgments of linguistic distances between dialects» [Charlotte Gooskens, University of Groningen]

«Language planning, standardization and dynamics of change in Moroccan Arabic» [Adil Moustaoui Srhir, Universidad Complutense of Madrid]


-The aim of the journal DIALECTOLOGIA is to join the experiences of researchers working in different fields of Dialectology (linguistic variation, geolinguistics, methodology, synchronic and diachronic dialectal data, new technologies, social dialectology, etc).
-It is a double-blind external peer-reviewed journal, published twice yearly, that complies with the norms of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).
-Each issue features 4/6 previously unpublished articles on original topics relating to linguistic variation.
-It includes also book reviews and news about congresses, meetings and recent publications.
-Original papers will be evaluated within a period of three months.
-The journal does not charge fees to authors either for processing (APC) or for the publication of articles.
-The author will remain owner of the intellectual property of the works, however access to them is totally open and free, so they can be reproduced in whole or in part with the only limitation of recognizing the authorship and the source of publication ("Dialectologia. Revista electrònica"), provided that such exploitation is not of a commercial nature.