Report on sustainability 2018-2019 (eBook)
Matèria: Publicacions institucionals
Format: PDF
Pàgines: 171
ISBN: 978-84-9168-564-7
Data d’edició: 2020

Report on sustainability 2018-2019 (eBook)
Oficina de Control Intern, Riscos i Responsabilitat Social

The Report on sustainability includes the main actions carried out during the academic year (in this case 2018-2019) in relation to ethical commitment and social responsibility. The Report brings comprehensive data on the governance of the University of Barcelona, our teaching and research activity, our social commitment, our economic situation, and includes the University contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This report aims to provide a complete picture of the sustained work and diligence of the University of Barcelona to create an institution that is increasingly responsible and committed to the environment.

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