Barcelona Design System (1914-2014): Essays on Local History (ePub)
Matèria: Art
Format: ePub
Pàgines: 403
ISBN: 978-84-475-4172-0
Data d’edició: 2018

Barcelona Design System (1914-2014): Essays on Local History (ePub)
Anna Calvera (coord.)
The precedents of design in Barcelona date back to
the early decades of the twentieth century, when the
modern arts (poster making, graphics, perfumery and
interior design, among others) were experiencing a
period of maturity and Catalan artists were enthusiastic
members of the European Avant-garde. All these
phenomena are dealt with in Barcelona Design System
(1914-2014), together with the establishment of the industry,
the appearance of institutions created by designers,
and the backing given to a profession that aspired to
become a discipline. This book, conceived from the perspective
of a dialogue between the local and the global,
opens up new historical perspectives and offers a transverse
reading of the development of an industry that has
been incorporated into the mainstream of economic
and cultural movements.
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