Back to the Future. The Future in the Past. Conference Proceedings Book
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ISBN: 978-84-9168-156-4
Data d’edició: 2018
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Back to the Future. The Future in the Past. Conference Proceedings Book
Oriol Moret (ed.)

ICDHS is the acronym of the International Committee of De­sign History and Design Studies, an organisation that brings together scholars from Spain, Cuba, Turkey, Mexico, Finland, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, the US, Tai­wan, Canada and the UK. Since 1999, when the Design and Art History departments of the University of Barcelona organised the first edition of the ICDHS, a conference has been held every two years at a different venue around the world. These conferences have had two dis­tinct aims: first, to present original research in the fields of Design History and Design Studies and, second, to include contributions in these fields from non-hegemonic countries, offering a speaking platform to many scientific communities that are already active or are forming and developing. For that reason, the structure of the conferences combines many paral­lel strands, including poster presentations and keynote speak­ers who lecture on the conferences’ main themes. The 2018 event is rather special. The Taipei 2016 conference was the 10th edition and a commemoration of the ten celebrations to date. Returning to Barcelona in 2018 marks the end of one stage and the beginning of a new one for the Committee. The numbering chosen—“10+1”—also means that Barcelona 2018 is both an end and a beginning in the ICDHS’s own history. The book brings together 137 papers delivered at the ICDHS 10th+1 Conference held in Barcelona on 29–31 October 2018. The papers are preceded by texts of the four keynote lectures and a written tribute from the ICDHS Board to its founder and figurehead, Anna Calvera (1954–2018). The Conference, and the book, are dedicated to her memory.

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