A Brief History of the University of Barcelona
Matèria: Història de la Universitat de Barcelona
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ISBN: 978-84-475-3900-0
Data d’edició: 2017
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A Brief History of the University of Barcelona
Montserrat Fullola Pericot
The University of Barcelona has a rich and eventful history that dates back to 1450, the year it was founded. This continues to the present day; it is now one of the leading academic institutions in Europe, acknowledged for both its research and teaching work and its continuing capacity for social revitalization. Over the last five hundred years there have been many vicissitudes, and this short book offers a highly readable summary of the different events that have shaped the University and the people who have in one way or another played a part in its history. And while the University of Barcelona is always looking firmly towards the future, to contemplate its history is to understand not only the difficulties and the adversities of each period, but also the determination and the commitment of countless people – some well known and others, anonymous – who have made the University what it is today.
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