Number 6. 2018
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Gemma Storti

The Florence Manuscript, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Laur. Plut. 75.3, has preserved a collection of medical remedies traditionally attributed to an otherwise unknown female author called Metrodora. In this article, I reinforce the argument that probably only the first part of this text was an original composition, whereas parts two and three are excerpts from other medical authors. Moreover, I propose that Metrodora’s text must be read according to three different perspectives: the production of Byzantine medical collections (syllogai), the Byzantine hospitals, and the role of women in the medical field in the late antique and Byzantine periods.
Keywords: Metrodora, Syllogai, Byzantine hospital, Xenones, Female medicine, Cleopatra, Uterus, Alexander of Tralles, Aetius of Amida