Number 1. 2013
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Jesús Rodríguez Viejo

The main subject of this study is an outstanding twelfth-century psalter produced in Normandy which has clear Eastern influences, both in terms of technical conception and iconography. This manuscript, kept in the Royal Library in the Hague with the signature 76 F 13, is certainly related to other preserved examples, produced at the same time in Norman England, such as the Gough Psalter from the Bodleian Library in Oxford. The historical records of these artworks will permit us to shed light on the arrival of these iconographies and techniques of Byzantine origin in the medieval West, where the Abbey of Cluny played a major role, after which they spread throughout the Norman kingdom. Finally, we will devote a part of the research to how these sacred images with Byzantine influences have been appreciated by contemporary Western viewers.
Keywords: Medieval art, Byzantine art, Manuscript illumination, Christian Iconography, Byzantium, Cluny, Ducal Normandy, Norman England