Number 1. 2013
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Pedro Sabe Andreu

The aim of the present article is to give a general picture of the Akathistos hymn’s influence in Western literature. This imprint of this beautiful Greek hymn dedicated to the Mother of God was indirect but real and progressive and it happened long before the knowledge of the original text in Greek. With this purpose, this research is focused on the following issues: the outlines of the Greek Akathistos, the Latin translation of Bishop Christophorus in Venice (c. 800), the text known as Salutatio Sanctae Mariae from Paris, (eleventh century), the influence of the Akathistos in the conformation of a new Marian laudatory genre, based on concatenated series of eulogies (formal influence) and on the introduction of Byzantine Marian predicates in Western liturgy, theology and piety (doctrinal influence).
Keywords: Poesía bizantina, traducciones latinas, himnografía mariana, Cristóforo de Venecia, Akáthistos