Number 1. 2013
Estudios bizantinos is a digital and international open-access journal of Byzantine Studies. It has been created by the Sociedad Española de Bizantinística and it welcomes scientific papers with original and high-quality content on any aspect of the Byzantine civilisation.

Joseph A. Munitiz

This paper was the opening conference for the 2013 congress of the Spanish Byzantine Studies Society. Drawing on his experience as editor of three volumes in the Greek Series of the Corpus Christianorum, the author offers hints for research: in particular, close attention to what look like minor details (e.g. variant readings) that can reveal the date and character of a text, as in the case of the Thesauros of Theognostos, or cultural attitudes (e.g. homosexuality) in the Autobiography of Nikephoros Blemmydes; he adds some recommendations about useful additional tools, along with a recommendation not to neglect what look like secondary themes of research, while discerning what are unhelpful distractions.
Keywords: Filología bizantina, Manuscritos griegos, Transmisión de los textos griegos, Teognosto, Nicéforo Blemides