Number 8. 2020
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Marco Carrozza

This paper provides a detailed analysis of the lines 1-166 of the Theanó, an epyllion written around 1211/1212 by Michael Choniates, the byzantine archbishop of Athens. The poem, that is deeply connected with the contemporary, reveals itself as a valuable poetic and historical document, since the author, by relying on the repertory of Christian symbolism, strives to transfigure through allegory the tragic reality represented both by the Latin conquest of Constantinople and the devasting impact whom this had on the political and cultural setting of the byzantine world. Therefore, the present study aims to identify the main thematic nuclei of the text and correlate them in order to offer a global interpretation capable of uncovering the deeper meaning of the epyllion. For the purpose of facilitating the consultation of the text and its first translation to a modern language, the lines examined are reproduced as annex to the following contribution.
Keywords: Theanó, Miquel Coniates, poesia bizantina, conquesta llatina de Constantinoble, simbolisme cristià, al·legoria