Number 7. 2019
Estudios bizantinos is a digital and international open-access journal of Byzantine Studies. It has been created by the Sociedad Española de Bizantinística and it welcomes scientific papers with original and high-quality content on any aspect of the Byzantine civilisation.


Each manuscript will be sent to two referees for evaluation. Within a maximum of four weeks, the work of the referee will be to read it carefully and propose its rejection, acceptance with major changes or acceptance with minor changes.
These three possible evaluations should be based on a dated and signed document sent to the managing editor, who will in turn send it on to the author.
If the referee so wishes, he/she may send the editor a separate confidential report or comments to be read only by the latter.
If in the course of the evaluation any conflicts of interest or irreconcilable positions are detected that prevent objective evaluation, the managing editor has the power to restart the process with other referees, and to take a final decision either independently or in consultation with the editorial board and the librarian. If the author and the referees, or the two referees, do not agree, the managing editor will have the last word. If the author does not agree with the final decision, he or she cannot appeal.
If the article is accepted with major changes, the author should incorporate the changes within eight weeks; the referees must then review the manuscript within two weeks, decide whether the requirements set out in the first evaluation have been met, and inform the managing editor accordingly.
When the final text is approved, a copy of it will be sent to the referees.