Number 7. 2019
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François Boespflug

This study is conducted through the form of a triptych. In the first part, we evoke the unprecedented situation in which the three monotheisms stand before the images, due, among other factors, to the Internet. We also aim to specify the meaning of every term used, in order to avoid simplifications in regard to their respective connections with the images. The second part, that is, the central panel of the triptych, intends to recall how each of the three religions, especially in its beginnings, dealt with images in general, and images of religious inspiration in particular. The third part examines the possible link between the hostility of nascent Islam towards the images and the well-known Controversy in Byzantium, also advocating the creation, within each of the three religions, of competent instances to designate those images that represent them properly.
Keywords: comparatisme iconològic, imatges-símbol, ídol, aniconisme, iconofília, iconomàquia, iconoclàsia