Number 7. 2019
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Juan Antonio Jiménez Sánchez

In the present work, we study the struggle against idolatry in Bithynia during the first half of the fifth century from the analysis of the Vita Hypatii, a biography written by Callinicus about 450. Hypatius, founder and first abbot of the monastery of Rufinianae (near Chalcedon) between 406 and 446, stood out as a tireless combatant against the remains of idolatrous cults which, despite being prohibited, were still practised in that region. According to his biographer, he used the supernatural powers derived from his holiness to confront idols and demons. In addition, and taking into account that Christian authorities identified magic and polytheism, Hypatius also fought the magical practices, stating at all times that the powers granted by God always beat those of the magicians.
Keywords: Hipaci de Rufiniana, Bitínia, cristianització, paganisme, màgia