Number 6. 2018
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Dimitra Mastoraki

In this article, we examine the iconographical and textual evidence of Judas’s damnation. Are his byzantine and post-byzantine representations in Hell corresponding to the canonical or extra-canonical sources and if so, in which degree? Firstly we consider the dominant iconographic theme of Judas on the Devil’s lap and secondly we focus on the images deviating from the conventional type and indicating in a more or less evident way either the punishment imposed to the traitor, or the exact reason for his damnation. Lastly, we examine two remarkable post-byzantine representations of Judas’ Suicide that through their atypical iconography add a further dimension to his fate in the afterlife.
Keywords: Art byzantin et post-byzantin, Peinture murale, Judas Iscariote, Iconographie de l’enfer