Number 5. 2017
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Jaime Galbarro García, Antonio Valiente Romero

In this article, the existence of a Greek palimpsest of the thirteenth century produced in Messina is reported. The manuscript is currently kept in the Provincial Historical Archive of the Order of the Friars Capuchin in Seville. It is not clear how it arrived to this institution more than half a century ago. The upper text is a copy of the (unpublished) commentary of Neilos/Nikolaos Doxapatres to the poem 33 of Gregory of Nazianzus’ Carmina moralia, while the lower text is Anastasios of Sinai’s Questions and Answers. The original manuscript, copied in the middle of the tenth century, had similar codicological features to the current palimpsest. Before arriving in Spain, two fragments of a parchment with a Latin document issued in Reggio Calabria in the late fourteenth/early fifteenth century were added to protect the codex.
Keywords: Palimpsestos griegos, Mesina, Orden de los Hermanos Capuchinos, Manuscritos griegos del sur de Italia en España, Gregorio de Nacianzo, Nilo/Nicolás Doxapatres, Anastasio Sinaíta