Number 4. 2016
Estudios bizantinos is a digital and international open-access journal of Byzantine Studies. It has been created by the Sociedad Española de Bizantinística and it welcomes scientific papers with original and high-quality content on any aspect of the Byzantine civilisation.

Fabio Acerbi

This article contains a fairly complete survey of Byzantine recensions of Greek mathematical and astronomical texts, along with an outline of their main stylistic features. Lists of such recensions are provided and discussed, keyed on two different parameters: the manuscript containing the revision and the revised work. Byzantine scholars likely or certainly to be associated with any of the recensions are briefly introduced. A final appendix offers a full analysis of the way a specific theorem was modified by a number of revisers. The article also includes extensive discussions of the two main mathematical encyclopaedias assembled during the Palaiologan period.
Keywords: Greek Science, Byzantine Recensions, Mathematics, Astronomy, Manuscripts