Number 4. 2016
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Giorgio Vespignani

Le voyage d’Outremer (composed in 1455 and published in 1457), the account of the travel made by Bertrandon de la Broquière, counsellor of Philip iii the Good, Duke of Burgundy, and ambassador to the Middle East and Constantinople in 1432-1433, is not a well-known text except for some sections regarding the most famous landmarks in the Polis (ed. Ch. Schefer, Paris 1892). The account is interesting in many ways, apart from descriptions of churches and landmarks: there is a remarkable interest in his personal impressions about the atmosphere at the imperial court as well as on the many people he met. Besides, Le voyage is one of the latest accounts reflecting the approach of two different mindsets, the eastern-roman and the western, shortly before the arrival in Italy of the Byzantine delegation to the Council of the Church Union in 1428-1439 (led by the basileus John viii Palaiologos in person), twenty years before the fall of the Polis.
Keywords: Bertrandon de la Broquière, Viajeros medievales, Imperio bizantino tardío, Constantinopla, Borgoña, Cruzadas, Pío II (Eneas Silvio Piccolomini)