Number 3. 2015
Estudios bizantinos is a digital and international open-access journal of Byzantine Studies. It has been created by the Sociedad Española de Bizantinística and it welcomes scientific papers with original and high-quality content on any aspect of the Byzantine civilisation.

Paola Degni

his contribution offers an analysis of the most ancient manuscript inventories relative to the Greek manuscripts of the Agostinian monastery of SS. Salvatore in Bologna. The library of this monastery flourished mainly during the 16th century thanks to purchases of Greek and Latin manuscripts made in Venice by Pellegrino Fabretti or Fabri. Afterwards, its collection continued to grow up through the transcription activity of some of its most skilled monks. Among the most gifted in Greek writing and prolific in the manuscript copy was Valeriano Albini. The essay proposes an analytical description of the inventories in order to offer a synoptic list of the ancient and modern call numbers of the Greek manuscripts.
Keywords: Greek manuscripts, History of libraries, Inventories of manuscripts, Italian scribes of Greek texts, Italian Renaissance